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Welcome to the winter!

Come and visit Sweden's first ski tunnel in Torsby! Rain or sunshine, summer heat or winter cold, the ski tunnel always has the perfect climate for cross-country skiing.

Torsby ski tunnel and sportcenter

Welcome to Torsby ski tunnel and sportcenter

Indoor cross-country skiing

The ski tunnel in Torsby welcomes all skiing enthusiasts. The facility has a pleasant, constant temperature 3 degrees below zero and there is plenty of room for everyone, regardless of skiing experience. Come and experience how it feels to ski in July, the contrast between summer and winter is exotic!

Many visitors have tried cross-country skiing indoors since the ski tunnel was inaugurated on June 16th, 2006. Beginners, leisure skiers and professionals get along in the same tracks. The skiing is varied due to the fact that the ski tunnel follows the natural topography of the landscape. The tracks are always well prepared and of course snow is guaranteed at all times. Both classical style and skating is possible in the 8 m wide ski tunnel and you can ski in both directions, providing a total length of 2,6 km of varied skiing.

The ski tunnel in Torsby also has an indoor biathlon shooting range. The range has 6 electronic targets and provides unique possibilities for biathlon training and result comparisons under constant conditions. The shooting range is used frequently by elite athletes as well as by curious amateurs, trying the sport for the first time under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Stay one step ahead, start your season early and be well prepared for the challenges of the coming winter.

A complete sports facility

The ski tunnel of Torsby is part of a complete indoor and outdoor training facility. This is the place to be for people "on the move". Comfortable accommodation, good food, varied training in the ski tunnel and outdoor on the jogging tracks, (roller) ski tracks and bicycle trails. All within the same area, in beautiful and relaxing nature.

Find opening hours and more information on the website of Torsby Skidtunnel & Sportcenterexternal link, opens in new window.

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