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Contributions and grants

There are several ways in which Torsby Municipality can contribute financially to projects, events and ongoing activities in the municipality. Whether you are active in a sports club or a cultural association, your project may be eligible for funding.

Recreation Committee contributions

The Recreation Committee offers opportunities for contributions to different kinds of local clubs and activities:

  • Activity contributions for eligible groups with at least five participants aged between 7–25.
  • Contributions for premises and facilities for clubs and organisations aimed at activities for young people.
  • Youth leadership contributions for training and education of leaders for youth activities.
  • Start-up contributions for newly started clubs and associations having at least 15 members, an elected steering committee and statutes.
  • Associations or clubs owning permanent premises located in Torsby Municipality and arranging activities aimed mainly at local residents, can receive contributions for their activities.

Call the municipal Recreation Department at +46 560 166 90 or +46 560 166 93 for more information.

Culture Committee contributions

The Culture Committee distributes contributions to cultural associations for special projects and events.

Applications for a contribution must be submitted by a cultural association and include a description of the project or event and a clear budget. Afterwards, the association is required to submit a report, including an evaluation of the costs and revenues, the number of visitors as well as an evaluation of the event as a whole. The Committee requires this documentation in order to be able to evaluate the grant in relation to stated goals.

The Committee also issues the Torsby Municipality Culture Scholarship. This annual grant of SEK 12 000 is awarded to a person with connections to Torsby who has made a noteworthy contribution in the field of culture. The prize is usually awarded at the Municipal Council meeting in December.

The chairperson and chief administrator of the Culture Committee are included in the steering committee for the Christine Rebane Youth Fund. This fund awards an annual grant to young people (under 30) with connections to Torsby who are engaged in cultural activities.

Applications must be submitted no later than October 15 of each year to the Cultural Department. Call +46 560 161 04 if you are interested to receive more information.

Youth Fund

Every year, the Executive Committee reserves an amount of SEK 75 000 for youth projects. The Youth Council decides which projects receive an amount from the Youth Fund.

Other funds

Torsby Municipality administers a number of other funds, large as well as small. These funds were created by donations for a range of different purposes. Applications for grants from these funds can be submitted annually in the Spring. More detailed information is usually advertised.

A list of all available funds in Torsby Municipality (in Swedish).

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