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  • Your guide to Torsby Municipality

Health care

The County Council of Värmland is responsible for health care and dental care in Torsby. You will find the most important information about their services here.

Call 112 if you or somebody else needs urgent help or if you need an ambulance.


Torsby is one of three towns in Värmland with a general hospital in the town centre. The hospital is open around-the-clock and offers both emergency care and specialised treatments. Some of the departments in the hospital of Torsby are:

  • surgery
  • orthopedy
  • urology
  • gynaecology
  • anesthesia
  • intensive care
  • radiology
  • fysiotherapy
  • dialysis

If needed, due to long distances, the hospital can also take care of patients who suffer from infection, neurological diseases and cancer.

The hospital counts about 500 employees and 85 different specialities.

Contact information:

Visiting address: Lasarettsvägen 8external link, Torsby

The reception desk is open for visitors Mon-Fri between 7.15-16.00, tel. (around-the-clock) +46 560 470 00.

Health centre

The health centre of Torsby is situated next to the hospital. You are welcome here with all your questions and problems concerning your health which do not need urgent treatment. We examine and treat all usual illnesses, symptoms and mild psychological problems. Eight out of ten patients finish their treatment here. If necessary, the doctor will refer to a specialist.

The medical staff at the health centre consists of doctors (general practitioners), nurses and specialised nurses (e.g. for diabetes, asthma, COPD). Medical tests are analysed in the in-house laboratory.

At the Health centre, you may also visit:

  • the child welfare centre (BVC)
  • the midwife's clinic
  • the youth clinic

Contact information:

Visiting address: Lasarettsvägen 8external link, Torsby

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8.00-17.00, closed for lunch between 12.00-12.45.

To make an appointment:

More information on health care services, fees and rights of patients in Värmlandexternal link, opens in new window.

Free medical advice

You can call telephone number 1177 at any time to get medical advice from a nurse over the phone. You will only pay for the costs of the telephone call. The nurse will judge your need of medical treatment, give advice and help you find the right health care service if needed.

  • If you need medical advice for children up to twelve years old, press 1.
  • If you need medical advice for children older than twelve years old or adults, press 2.

Dental care

The Dental Care Centreexternal link, opens in new window (Folktandvården) in Torsby is situated next to the municipal office. It welcomes both adults and children. If you need an interpreter during your visit to the dentist, please let us know when booking your appointment.

Dental care is free of charge in Sweden for children up to 19 years old who are registered as a resident in Sweden. As an adult, you pay a large part of the dental care yourself, but you will often receive financial support from the state. Foreign residents usually pay the whole or a large part of the sum themselves.

You are free to choose your own dentist. Apart from the Folktandvården, there are also private dentists.

Contact information:

Visiting address: Nya Torget 8external link, Torsby

Tel. +46 560 274 00

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 7.45-17.00, Fri 7.45-12.30

Read more about dental care in Swedenexternal link, opens in new window.

Tariffs and allowances for dental careexternal link, opens in new window.

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