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  • Your guide to Torsby Municipality

Moving to Torsby

Torsby is a large and beautiful municipality in the north of Värmland with plenty of opportunities for sports and outdoor activities. We have mountains and lakes, streams and wilderness - all you need for an active and easy life!

A year-round destination

Torsby is a year-round destination for tourists and sports enthousiasts. The municipality counts popular destinations for alpine and cross-country skiing, such as Branäsexternal link, opens in new window, Hovfjälletexternal link, opens in new window, Långbergetexternal link, opens in new window and Mattilaexternal link, opens in new window. You will also find Sweden's first ski tunnel here, Torsby Skidtunnel & Sportcenter, where you can improve your cross-country skiing skills all year round.

The summer offers unforgettable outdoor experiences. Build your own timber raft on the river Klarälven (Vildmark i Värmlandexternal link, opens in new window), go out for a long hike through the forest or paddle down rivers and lakes by canoe or kayak. You can also simply enjoy the sun and the water at one of the many beaches. Torsby is also known for its great fishing and hunting possibilities.

Living in Torsby

When you move here, you will have access to the rich nature and opportunities of Torsby year-round, without the travelling costs. In Torsby, it is still possible to live well at a reasonable cost. Real-estate prices are much lower here than in the larger urban areas.

Yet, the city is not far away. The connections from Torsby to the cities of Karlstad, Oslo, Göteborg and Stockholm, by car, air or by public transport, are very good. Torsby Airport offers a regular air service to and from Stockholm Arlanda, minimizing your travelling time from Torsby to Arlanda to little more than one hour.

Housing and education

It is relatively easy to find suitable housing in Torsby, whether you prefer a lakeside cottage, a wooden house in the forest, a farm or a comfortable apartment in the town centre.

We have excellent and well-developed childcare and education services, not only in the town centre but also in the surrounding rural areas. Torsby's upper secondary school Stjerneskolan (for children aged 16-19 years) even has a nationwide reputation for its educational programmes in which elite sports training is blended with regular schooling.

Get more information

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For more practical information about moving to Sweden, go to

  1. Sweden.seexternal link, opens in new window, with lots of information about the country, the culture, the school system and so on
  2. Migrationsverketexternal link, opens in new window, with information about rights and permits when moving to Sweden
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You are welcome to contact us!

For questions about moving to Torsby from another country, contact Ronny Larsson, the immigration officer of Torsby Municipality.

For questions about starting a business in Torsby, please contact our business service.

For all other questions concerning Torsby Municipality and its services, you are welcome to contact the municipal reception desk at +46 (0)560 160 00 or torsby.kommun@torsby.se.

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