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  • Your guide to Torsby Municipality

Sorting and recycling of waste

There are 16 recycling stations in the municipality and 3 recycling centres.  Torsby recycling centre is located at Alstigen/Fågelsången.

There are 16 recycling stations in the municipality and 3 recycling centres. Torsby recycling centre is located at Alstigen/Fågelsången.

There are many things that we all can do to reduce the amount of waste we dispose of, in order to improve our environment and economize our natural resources. In Torsby Municipality we sort, recycle and reuse as much as possible.

Recycling stations

Recycling stations are available at 16 different locations around the municipality. Here you can deposit different kinds of sorted items, such as packaging made of paper, glass, plastic and metal. Please note that some bottles can be returned to special collection points at the grocery store, where you get your deposit refunded.

Location of the recycling stations in the municipality

Recycling centres

At the recycling centres in Torsby, Sysslebäck and Stöllet, you can also deposit other items, such as hazardous waste, old furniture, garden waste and metal, wood and electronic waste.

  • Torsby, Alstigen 20
  • Sysslebäck, Klarälvsvägen 100 (reningsverket)
  • Stöllet, Kyrkvägen 9 (reningsverket)

Visiting hours and more information (in Swedish).

All centres are closed on national holidays, including Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Monthly waste collection

If you sort recyclable waste and compost organic waste in your
household, you can apply to the municipal Environment and Building
Committee for a monthly collection of waste instead of every 14 days. By doing this, your annual costs for collecting waste will be reduced by SEK 600 (2014).


Why not reuse or donate the goods that we do not need anymore, or buy second-hand ourselves?

The Red Cross accepts donations of clothing, shoes and household goods in their shop “Kupan” at Kyrkogatan 3, Torsby, for either direct relief or for second-hand sale. Proceedings from the sales go towards financing Red Cross activities. Tel. +46 560 148 90.

Second Hand “Remix”, Järnvägsgatan 9 in Torsby. Tel. +46 560 100 17. Accepts and sells clothes, shoes, household goods, small furniture, toys etc.

JobbCenter furniture recycling is located at Södra Industrigatan 13, tel. +46 70 316 10 23, and accepts and sells all sorts of furniture and larger interior equipment, baby carriages and many other things. The furniture is renovated, if needed, but many items are still in excellent original condition. Furniture can be picked up or dropped off at Södra Industrigatan 13 or at the Torsby recycling centre. Home delivery is optional, on request.

Contact us

For more information, you are welcome to contact:

Sune Eriksson, Technical Services' Department, tel. +46 560 160 32.

Per-Arne Persson, Environment and Building Department, tel. +46 560 160 06.

Per-Arne Persson
0560-160 06

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